Why work for Comforthome?

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Steady job & well paid

Decide your own working hours and days

Elektrische fiets icoon

Electric bike & km allowance

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meal vouchers, holiday pay and 13th month

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we help you with your paperwork

free trainings & full support

nice colleagues & RESPECT

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More variety in your job

“The people in the office, they are very understanding. They make you feel comfortable. That’s why I love working with Comforthome”

Joséphine, cleaning aid

Nancy and Marga are there for you

Are you interested to become a part of the warm Comforthome family in the regions of Antwerp or East-Flanders?

A really nice job that allows you to decide your own working hours and days?

An employment where you help other people and you yourself are fully supported as well?

Then schedule your interview today with Nancy in Brasschaat (Antwerp region) or Marga in Bassevelde (East-Flanders region).

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Nancy van Comforthome

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Frequently Asked Questions


I don't speak Dutch. Can I work at Comforthome?

Yes, even if you don’t know the Dutch language, you can work with us. Our office workers will do their best to support you in your native language whether it be: French, English, Polish, Ukrainian, and even a little Spanish.

I don't speak Dutch. How can I talk to clients?

Most clients speak a little English and/or French. We can help you improve communication with customers, and you can also use translation apps (such as Google Translate, Say Hi, or Papago) on your phone. We also encourage our clients to use helpful apps that make it easier for you to communicate with each other.

What languages do the office employees speak?

Not every office has an employee who speaks your language. But don’t worry: we will always do our best to help you in your native language or by using visual aids to facilitate communication. We shall strive to give you the best possible support.


Can I wear a headscarf while working?

As a multicultural team behind the scenes at Comforthome, we respect everyone’s culture and beliefs. Therefore, wearing a headscarf while working is of course allowed.

Do I need experience to work as a household helper?

No, your motivation to work in clients’ homes is more important than your experience. We offer comprehensive and personalized training, as well as regular group training sessions you can attend. These are training such as ironing, product knowledge and/or communication in the workplace.

How can I apply for a job at Comforthome?

You can easily apply via the online form on the website or stop by one of our offices (https://comforthome.be/onze-vestigingen-2/).


When can I start working at Comforthome?

After a successful meeting with Nancy or Marga, a positive interview and a short cleaning test, you can start working immediately as a household help with a permanent contract for an indefinite period of time. You can apply here (https://comforthome.be/solliciteren/).

What tasks can I do?

As a household help, you can clean, iron, run errands and prepare meals. If there are certain tasks you prefer not to perform, please do not hesitate to mention this during your interview. We would like to take your preferences into account.

How many hours can I work?

You can work between 13 and 38 hours per week. Your possible working hours are from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., with a maximum of 9 hours per working day. That way you can also get the rest you deserve in the evenings and on weekends. Together we will look at how you can plan your working hours and coordinate them with your private life as best as possible.

How much salary will I get?

As a household help, you start from €13.10 gross per hour. Your exact salary depends on your experience; it increases the more experience you have. In addition to your salary, you will also receive a meal card, reimbursement for transportation costs, and many other nice extra benefits, such as a low-cost electric bike plan, vacation pay, commuting allowance, year-end bonus, and lots of nice perks throughout the year.

Can I do this as a flexi-job?

Unfortunately, flexi-jobs are only possible in restaurants, stores or small retail stores. So as a household worker, you cannot work as a flexi-job.

I have family abroad. Can I take a long vacation to visit them?

Yes, you can spend your vacation days freely as you wish. For example, if you are entitled to 4 weeks of vacation, you can use them consecutively. If necessary and in accordance with the office schedule, you can also take unpaid leave. However, it is important to always contact our office before making your plans and notify your clients in a timely manner.

If I accidentally damage something at a client's home, do I have to pay the cost myself?

By being careful, you can easily avoid accidents. But don’t worry, if you accidentally damage something, we are insured for such damages that may occur during your work at customers’ homes. So you don’t have to pay any costs yourself.

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