Flexijob or a flexible job at Comforthome

november 6, 2022
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Looking for a flexi job in the Antwerp or East Flanders region, where you can determine your working days and hours yourself? Do you want an employer that is looking for an ideal customer match for you? In that case, it is interesting to consider a flexible job at Comforthome. Be sure to read on to discover what we have to offer you!

Hours and days to be determined by yourself, good training and fun courses! Also lovely people in the office.


Pleasant and good team. Good guidance and nice that you have a say in your planning.


Never worked with a company as good as Comforthome. They always understand you, good communication, good working hours and very sincere with everything.


Flexible job: What do we offer?

Working at Comforthome has many advantages. Especially if you are looking for a side income with the necessary flexibility. We briefly summarise what we offer you, as a future employee at Comforthome

  • You choose your working days and hours yourself
  • You work close to your own home
  • You get customers tailored to your needs
  • You will receive training that is adapted to your needs
  • You earn a correct wage and meal vouchers
  • You can perfectly combine your job with a family, education or another job
  • You build up social rights
  • You can always visit an office of your choice for help
  • You will receive help with your administration and you will be part of a nice, warm team & the Comforthome family

A flexible job, but not a real flexi job: What is the difference and what are the conditions?

In terms of flexibility, there is little to no difference between a flexi job and a job at Comforthome. Below we list the differences that do exist.

  • You do NOT have to meet the conditions of a flexi job, where you must have worked a quarter at least 4/5th (discover all the conditions of a flexi job here)
  • You will not receive an exemption from taxes, as is the case with a regular flexijob.